Who We Are ?
We are horse lovers who use horses to improve the
lives of children and adults with disabilities. Our
goal is that the personal confidence students gain  
from Therapeutic Riding will affect their lives in a
positive way.
Who Can Benefit From Therapeutic Riding?
Both children and adults with all types of physical, emotional, and mental challenges can benefit from horseback
riding. Riders with physical disabilities can benefit in many ways: stretching of tight or spastic muscles;
strengthening of muscles, joints, and tendons; improvement of reflexes. Riders can experience increased balance
and muscle control, a wider range of motion, improved circulation, respiration, appetite and digestion.

All riders gain confidence and enhanced self esteem as they progress though our program.

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Happy Trails Therapeutic Riding Center Inc. A SpiritHorse Facility
Happy Trails Information
            What does a typical lesson look like?
First, our riders interact with our horses by grooming them. Next our budding equestrians and horses
communicate with each other through interactive play we call "horse games." Horse games foster physical
and emotional health, independence, and self-confidence in our riders. Then our riders mount their horses
and practice their riding skills, by participating in our award wining program that progress at each rider's
own pace. Not only will the riders learn how to ride they will have fun doing so. Finally the riders dismount
and help untack their horses and help restore the tack to the tack room. All rider are invited to our annual
fund raiser
Happy Trails Horse Fair to demonstrate their riding skills, interact with other riders, make arts
and crafts, play games and ride in our costume parade where both the rider and their horse dress up.
Some riders choose thoughtful costumes while other  choose hilarious ones.
 Please see our Horse Fair Page.
What Is Therapeutic Riding?
Therapeutic Horseback Riding is the practice of using
horses to  improve the lives of people with disabilities.
Abigail with her best buddy Boomer